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The key to a successful long-distance relationship is overcoming the distance, namely the lack of physical affection that is essential to every bond. Sex toys, especially remote-controlled vibrators have come into the fore, offering an effective solution for satisfying the sensual appetite. Today, we will delve into the attributes of VIBEASE, a simple yet popular sexual wellness product, which has attracted rave reviews for concocting the glorious cocktails of erogenous stimulation with fantasy audiobooks. Let’s check it out.



A great condiment for self-pleasure or foreplay, the VIBEASE has a hook-shaped design and is totally hands-free. The tip is designed to rest against the erogenous zones and can feel particularly sensitive. The seam bifurcating the body has 2 buttons, one for controlling the vibrations and another for turning the product on and off. It only works as an external stimulator which you can wear with your undergarment.

Control Range

The VIBEASE can be used both for solo play and foreplay with your partner. It also offers worldwide connectivity as it can be controlled via an application from anywhere across the globe. It also offers a 360-degree sitting and standing range.     


The silicone used to manufacture the VIBEASE is hypoallergenic and completely non-porous and non-toxic. It is devoid of any latex or phthalates, so completely odorless and body-safe. The silicone also has a slight drag to it, which negates the necessity of lubricant usage. Though waterproof, it is not completely submersible.   


The VIBEASE is designed specifically as a wearable vibrator, making discreet operation one of its key factors. The sound produced from its vibrations are almost imperceptible, except maybe for the user. If you use it, your nerves may make you aware of the minute noise. It is purely hands free so you don’t need to be worry about sore wrists, and its size ensures you can comfortably wear it outdoors without being noticed.  

App & the Audiobooks

The VIBEASE application is available on both the Apple store and Google Play Store, known as the “VIBEASE Chat”. You can sign up using your email or connect via Facebook too. The app also offers password protection for maintaining complete secrecy.

According to The Brunette Reviews the most attractive feature of the VIBEASE is undoubtedly the wide range of audiobooks that are available with the application. You can get access to various sections like fantasy or solo-play. Also, you can customize your personal audiobooks or listen to pre-downloaded tracks. The only detriment here is you may require credits to access some audiobooks, if not all. You can also use the app for personal messaging or scheduling your playtime accordingly.

Key Features

  • It’s a lightweight and hands-free wearable silicone product.
  • You can sync the vibration with your favorite erotic audiobooks.
  • Long distance remote control via internet.
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    Customizable vibration, with multiple levels of intensity and patterns.
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    USB rechargeable with up to 3 hours of battery backup.
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    Although waterproof, not fully submersible.
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    Super quiet and discreet.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 3.1 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Thickness: 0.8 inches
  • Delivery Date: 1 business day to process, 4 to 6 business days to deliver.


The VIBEASE package contains the product, accompanied by 2 charging cables (one short and one long). The smaller cable is convenient for charging the product via a laptop while also offering backup. The box also contains a black satin storage bag and a user manual. The manufacturer also offers discreet packaging, ensuring that any credit card transactions regarding the product being displayed as “VPL”.


The VIBEASE is covered by a 1-Year manufacturing warranty on all manufacturing defects.


The VIBEASE is compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms. You can just connect your relevant smartphone and enjoy the benefits.


Shipping is available in USA and contiguous USA (Amazon). Worldwide shipping is also available via Amazon. However, no free shipping is available.


The VIBEASE is available in both pink and purple hue, oozing a charming aesthetic vibe. This powerful vibrator is engineered for public play and is surely a thrilling option to explore your avenues of carnal adventures. It maintains the delicate privacy efficiently and also scores well in terms of durability. The turquoise packaging is extremely eye-catching, that naturally adds to its elegance. It’s quite aggressively priced and provides an affordable option when compared to its competition. The audiobooks add to its charm, creating an endless array of opportunities to choose from and spice up your games of passion. While choosing a sexual wellness product you need to depend on a lot of individualistic factors, but we can duly apprehend that the VIBEASE is provisioned to suit both your mental and physical needs by spicing up your relationship.

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