Avaia (Green)

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Laura from Ridgway & Aine from Cork bought this item recently.
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Avaia is a portable and convenient vibrator designed for on-the-go pleasure. It features 9 different vibration patterns that can be controlled via an app, discreet packaging for privacy, and long-distance control through the app for remote sexual experiences with a partner. The vibrator is made with soft silicone material and offers magnetic charging, which is convenient and safe due to the absence of physical cables or plugs. Overall, the Avaia vibrator offers a discreet and versatile way to explore various desires and stimulation for individuals with busy lifestyles.

9 Levels of Powerful Suction
Whether you prefer gentle suction or intense stimulation, this vibrator offers a range of options to suit your needs. With each increase in level, the suction power increases, taking you to new heights of satisfaction.​

Portable and Convenient​
Designed for on-the-go pleasure, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.​

9 Frequency Vibration
This vibrator offers 9 different vibration patterns that can be controlled by the app, allowing you to explore various desires and stimulation.​

Discreet Packaging
In order to protect your privacy, we promise send your products in a secret packaging, without any pictures and words about sex toy, no one knows what parcel inside.

Long Distance Control
The interactive mode on the app allows for remote control, enabling long-distance sexual experiences with a partner.

Magnetic Charging
The Avaia vibrator features magnetic charging, which allows for a convenient and safe charging process. With magnetic charging, the vibrator can be charged wirelessly by placing it on a charging dock or pad, eliminating the need for physical cables or plugs.

Soft Silicone
The Avaia vibrator is made with soft silicone materials, which offer a comfortable and pleasurable experience during use. The soft silicone material used in the Avaia vibrator is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and body-safe, making it a healthy and safe option for intimate use.

HOW TO USE Vibrator

  1. Start: long press switch 2s, go to standby mode.
  2. Shut down: Long button 2s shutdown.



  1. Download “Love Spouse”APP. (You can also download the App by scanning the QR code)


  1. Search for “Love Spouse” in Google Play. (You can also download the App by scanning the QR code)
  2. Operhthe APP, press the “+” Button and scanthe code.
    (The APP software supports 9 languages, and the app will automatically adapt to the language in your phone.)

Green, Pink, Purple


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