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Introducing Dulce, the ultimate pleasure companion designed to take your solo play to the next level. With its dual-ended design and two powerful motors, Dulce offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking dual stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. The flexible neck allows you to customize the fit for a hands-free experience, ensuring maximum contact with your most sensitive areas.

Experience the sheer intensity of Dulce’s super-strong vibrations, enhanced by its smooth silicone coverage, making it the ideal choice for achieving explosive orgasms. This vibrator is not just about power; it’s about personalization. Adjust the neck to your liking and explore the world of simultaneous clitoral and vaginal pleasure.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Dual Motors: Dulce features two powerful motors, one for the clitoris and one for the G-spot, allowing for intense and customizable stimulation of both pleasure points simultaneously.
  2. Flexible Neck: The vibrator’s adjustable neck ensures hands-free pleasure and maximum stimulation for both the clitoris and G-spot. It can be tailored to fit your unique anatomy, providing a personalized experience.
  3. Strong Vibes: Dulce is designed with smooth silicone coverage and super-strong vibrations to deliver mind-blowing orgasms. The powerful vibrations intensify your pleasure and help you reach climax with ease.
  4. Custom Fit & Power: You can adjust the neck’s positioning to customize the fit according to your preferences. This ensures good contact with both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time, enhancing your chances of achieving intense, simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasms.
  5. Hands-Free Experience: Dulce is designed to stay in place, allowing for a hands-free experience during solo play. This feature enables you to explore your desires without the need for manual control, leading to deep and “whole-body” sensations.
  6. Programmable Feature: You can customize the vibration strengths to your liking and save your preferred settings to the buttons for later use. Additionally, Dulce allows you to program and save up to 10 of your favorite vibration patterns, ensuring a tailored experience every time.
  7. Steady Connectivity: Dulce offers steady connectivity, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted experience when using the remote control function.