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Small but mighty, the Cliona by Kiiroo is the perfect travel companion. It’s powerful enough to please and quiet enough to use in public without others knowing. Cliona comes in several different variations to meet the ever-changing desires of our customers. Each piece is compatible with any Feel Technology-enabled toys and even with your partner’s device. In able to help you effortlessly share different vibrations with your partner or create your own.

With the Feel Connect App, you can control the intensity of vibration by just touching, as the intensity of vibration is also transmitted to your partner’s device, so that he or she can control it. This touch-sensitive clit-stimulator also allows you to have access to 4,000 erotic videos preferable for your pleasure.



  • Type of Stimulator: Clitoral Massager
  • Finishing Touch: Matte chrome for ABS, matt finish for silicone
  • Materials Used: ABS and Body-Safe Silicone
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof
  • Battery Life: 2hrs charging time good for 1hr uninterrupted use
  • Charging Type: Micro-USB charger
  • Controlled Remotely: Feel Connect App
  • Controlled Locally: Bluetooth/Manual
  • Size: 11.5 x 5 x 4 mm
  • Weight: 75g (outside the box)



  • Cliona™ by KIIROO®
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Authenticity & Warranty Card
  • Quick Setup Manual

3 reviews for KIIROO Cliona

  1. Maik Basan

    My girlfriend and I were sp curious abiut KIIROO. And now we are so happy we tried it out because she lives in a different town, but we are able to have fun together whenever we want 😉

  2. Ramón Patiño

    This is a nice sex toy for couples, at least I think it does the job increasing the pleasure, I bought it on a sex shop on line that we like to use and we don’t have a lot complaints so fa

  3. carmen perez

    they are connected via bluetooth allowing high range connection. The feelings generated by Kiiroo are very similar to the real one what makes the experience truly enjoyable.

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