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Sevi Remote Control Butt Plug

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Anal vibrators are very inclusive. Using an anal vibrator is possible for anybody who has a butt! These toys allow people to learn more about their personal backdoor play triggers. Anal vibrators can reduce inhibitions so that people can concentrate on their sensations rather than using fingers or the mouth.

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  • 10 kinds of vibration intensity: Feel all 10 vibration modes to satisfy your desire and choose the most suitable choice according to your mood. Let your hips shake with this daring glider and enjoy the pleasure of shaking. Stroke it, grab it, and slowly glide in, deep, until you feel the shivers.
  • App & Remote Control: This app-controlled butt plug vibrator features a combination of 10 intense vibration patterns. Create your own rhythm of pleasure with the remote control or app control. Connect your sex toys to your smartphone so they can surf through multiple modes.
  • Classic Wide Base Design: Unique wide base design with 90-degree insertion point allows comfortable use of the plug even when sitting or walking. The characteristic tapered shape and flared base design are designed to be firmly fixed in place. For people who like all kinds of excitement, this is a fun adventure.
  • Soft Touch: The plug is made of silky smooth silicone, which is hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin or severe allergies. Enjoy the game with confidence!

App Control, Remote Control

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